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Keogh Therapeutic Massage | Jo Pritchard Keogh, BCTMB, LMT, TTT

Shamanism FAQ

To follow are the questions most frequently asked by new clients before coming in for a Shamanic healing session. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and share them with me.

Is shamanism a religion?

No. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition that is not affiliated with any religion, and does not come into conflict with any religious teachings. I have worked with Shamanic clients of varying faiths, and with clients who do not have any religious or spiritual affiliation.

Are you a Shaman?

No. I am a Shamanic Practitioner.

What’s the difference between a shaman and a shamanic practitioner?

Generally speaking, Shamans are members of indigenous societies in which Shamanism is a traditional practice. In such cultures, Shamanic training is a serious matter that may take years. Those of us who have not undergone traditional training practices, rituals, and ceremonies have no business calling ourselves Shamans. We can, however, respectfully utilize Shamanic techniques for healing and spiritual growth.

What is a Shamanic journey?

Shamanic journeys involve using a drum, rattle, or song to invoke a trance state that allows the Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner to “travel” to non-ordinary reality in order to receive guidance, information, and assistance from helping spirits and spirit guides.

What is soul retrieval?

Sometimes, when we experience a traumatic event that feels overwhelmingly painful or dangerous, a piece of our soul becomes separated from us. This soul part may be a child who is suffering from sexual abuse, a woman who is surviving a rape, or any other aspect of the soul that feels that it may not survive what it is experiencing. Following this kind of soul loss, we might feel fractured or shattered, or as though we have lost a part of ourselves forever. The process of soul retrieval involves finding the soul parts from which we have been separated and reincorporating them into the Self. When we are again made whole, our energy, sense of self, and personal power are restored.

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