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Keogh Therapeutic Massage | Jo Pritchard Keogh, BCTMB, LMT, TTT



You might be wondering what on earth a page about advocacy work is doing on a website for holistic trauma care. As Bessel van der Kolk wrote, "trauma is all about people living under social conditions where terrible things are allowed to happen, and where the truth cannot be told." This is true for individuals, and it is also true for groups of people.

The bulk of my practice focuses on individual clients: their stories, their trauma, their healing. I also put time aside to work on issues of community trauma, which affects groups of people struggling against larger patterns of structural inequality. It is my sincere belief that both types of healing work are necessary in order to effect true and lasting change for any and all of us.

Establish a Human Rights Commission in Your Town: A Guide

Criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation in Connecticut

"Jo is a woman who is deeply passionate about social justice both domestically and internationally - most specifically when it comes to the rights of women and girls. She is not one to solely complain about a problem, but one who does something about it." - Belinda L.

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