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Keogh Therapeutic Massage | Jo Pritchard Keogh, BCTMB, LMT, TTT

Trauma Touch Therapy

Trauma Touch Therapy room

An offshoot of the somatic psychotherapy movement that originated in Boulder, Colorado, trauma touch therapy addresses the ways in which stress and trauma are held in the body, and assists clients in releasing it. This work is client-led, and follows a gentle rhythm and natural pace that prevents emotional overwhelm and allows clients to feel safe in their bodies.

Each session is as unique as the individual client and their trauma history, and may include breathing exercises, work around body awareness, movement, practice in setting boundaries, and gentle touch. Sessions are primarily focused on building trust and a sense of safety, and on learning how to communicate with the body.

Trauma touch therapy creates a safe, nurturing space in which the client can slow down, be present, and learn how to listen to the wisdom hidden in the body. When this is accomplished, healing and empowerment happen.

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"I found the experience to be truly extraordinary. To me, trauma touch therapy involved regaining skills that crying babies develop - to comfort oneself in a profound and deep way. I think somewhere along the way, we lose that ability - trauma, anxiety, just plain life comes at us so fast and furious that we get caught up in feeling bad, but never stop to look at how it feels in the body. For me, learning to engage with the emotions in my body and work with them was revolutionary. I truly felt that I learned a new skill in dealing with me! Jo is warm, intuitive, insightful, encouraging, and respectful. She is the reason I was able to trust in this therapy and get so much from it." - Kathy S.

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