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Keogh Therapeutic Massage | Jo Pritchard Keogh, BCTMB, LMT, TTT




When we experience trauma, we feel its resonance in our very souls. We might have a sense that we have lost a part of ourselves, and seek to fill the void with numbing behaviors. We might feel mired in the pain of past hurts or imprisoned by fear and anxiety. Perhaps we don’t feel quite like ourselves, and lash out in self-destructive ways. Exhausted and hopeless, we may feel unable to move forward or envision a future free of suffering.

The gifts of shamanism include retrieving that which has been lost, ridding ourselves of that which is not authentic to our soul’s true nature, and healing in ways we never believed possible. By accessing the wisdom of the natural world and our spirit guides, we can reclaim our sovereignty and personal power. Peace, contentment, and wholeness are truly within our grasp.

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"Recently, my life has changed for the better in a deep way which I attribute my work with Jo. I believe she has a gift for this sort of work. There were areas of my past that needed healing. Areas I was not aware of, even though I have been on a path of healing, personal, and spiritual growth most of my life. Change and progress has been very slow. However, during these past few months working with Jo, I feel like I have been in the express lane. I can sum it up as Jo is the real thing. It has been truly transformational." - Francis D.


Just as the human body holds memory in its tissues, so do physical spaces hold memories of what has occurred on their land or within their walls. If your property or home feels uncomfortable or “off” to you, it may mean that old or negative energy needs to be cleared away.

I perform clearing work either on site or by distance, so location is of no consequence. After consulting with you about what you’ve been experiencing, I will journey to get a sense of what is involved with the space in question. Afterward, I will share my impressions with you and discuss what steps can be taken to resolve the issue. You do not need to be present during a clearing.

To schedule a home and/or land clearing, please contact me.

"I have been a shamanic practitioner for a number of years, but confine my work to certain areas that call to me. When I told Jo about an uncomfortable feeling in my house, she suggested a clearing might be helpful. She was able to clear not only the house, but the land remotely. Her practice is holistic and compassionate, and she is both skilled and dedicated." - Alison H.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shamanism.

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